The Electron Larmor Microwave Amplifier THReaded On Nuclei (ELMATHRON®) is an apparatus to deliver electron Larmor frequency waves whose amplitude is modulated by a nuclear Larmor frequency pulse. The ELMATHRON® consists of a hermetically-sealed, deep vacuum-compatible glass or ceramic vessel. All energy transmissions into the ELMATHRON® occur by inductive and/or electromagnetic methods.

The DNP method polarizes the spins of electrons in molecules. The normally random spins of the many electrons situated around the nuclei being investigated blur the nuclei's response. DNP forces all electron spins to point in the same direction, enhancing the NMR response from non-zero-spin isotopes. This well-known, widely-established method was first developed by Overhauser and Carver in 1953, but at that time, it had limited applicability for high-frequency, high-field NMR spectroscopy due to the lack of microwave (or gigahertz) signal generators. The requisite generators, called gyrotrons, are available today as turn-key instruments, and this has rendered DNP a valuable and indispensable method, especially in determining the structures of various molecules by high-resolution NMR spectroscopy. However, gyrotrons remain cost-prohibitive because they require expensive components, i.e. high-voltage generators, independent permanent magnetic field generators, and deep vacuum devices such as turbomolecular pumps.

Our patented technology, allow us to construct a new device as a DNP polarizer that does not require high voltage generators, expensive deep vacuum devices such as turbomolecular pumps with size constrains, may use the same permanent magnetic field as the NMR transmitters, that we call the ELMATHRON®

Intellectual Property

This innovative technology is protected by the following patent:
  • US 10,773,092 B2 A device and a method for creating DNP - NMR beam

And a plurality of patent pending applications.

  • ELMATHRON® (in use since Aug 2016)

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